Judgeship Requires the Best
by Ronnie Mitchell

Experience and excellence, hard work and honesty, ingenuity and integrity are among the attributes that I seek to bring to service as a Superior Court judge for Cumberland County.

Through three decades of practicing law in civil, administrative and criminal cases, I have gained invaluable insight into the needs of the parties in trials and proceedings of all types in both civil and criminal litigation.

I have been recognized for my exceptional work ethic and having the creativity to formulate and implement techniques and procedures that would improve the legal system and the administration of justice in Cumberland County.

Based on these observations, my colleagues and other current and former judges have stated that I am well-qualified to serve as Superior Court judge.

I have been granted by my peers the highest rating in the prestigious  Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.  I have been named to The Best Lawyers in America, Who's Who in American Law, North Carolina Super Lawyers and America's Top Counsel, and I have received many other professional recognitions.

For more than 31 years, I have been involved in complex criminal and civil litigation, including cases involving constitutional law, automobile collisions, tractor-trailer litigation, civil rights, police practices, premises liability, eminent domain, contractual and corporate litigation, among many others.

I have aggressively pursued litigation against corporations and others who have injured people negligently or deliberately, obtaining settlements and verdicts in favor of injured and deceased individuals and their families. I have successfully defended civil cases brought against sheriffs, deputies, police officers, health care  providers, public officials and corporations, as well as individuals.

I have handled criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to first-degree murder. I am one of the few lawyers in North Carolina who has presented cases in every level of court from the Small Claims Division to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The depth and breadth of my experience demonstrate that I am very well qualified to serve as a Superior Court judge. Additionally, in order to be well-qualified to serve as a Superior Court judge, a candidate seeking to hold the office should display that he or she possesses the professional integrity, ability, experience, competence and temperament indicative of superior fitness to perform the judicial function with a high degree of skill and effectiveness.  I possess all of these attributes and these qualities.

Serving as a Superior Court judge would be not only a high honor, but the fulfillment of a lifelong calling to seek justice. If the voters of Cumberland County see fit to elect me to succeed Judge E. Lynn Johnson upon his retirement, this service would be the capstone of an enduring effort to achieve justice, and it would be the right decision, made in the best interests of all of us.

Over the years that I have practiced law, literally carrying the Constitution in my pocket and being guided by it, I have demonstrated that I possess the commitment to the law, integrity, character, intellectual capacity, fairness, experience, industry, care, concern, diligence, perseverance, judicial temperament (including courteousness, respect and consideration extended to counsel, parties, witnesses, court personnel and jurors) requisite to service as a Superior Court judge. I have shown that I have the professional ability and knowledge of the law needed to serve in the manner and at the level that the office of Superior Court judge

The choice that we are making in selecting a Superior Court judge is a significant and serious one which will have long and far-reaching effects. Accordingly, we need to select the "best and the brightest," the best qualified candidate, who has the deepest and broadest knowledge of the law, who is committed to the rule of law and who possesses the characteristics that a judge must possess.

Therefore, I respectfully ask the residents of Cumberland County to support my election as Superior Court judge.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Fayetteville attorney Ronnie Mitchell will seek election to the Superior Court

Fayetteville, NC — Fayetteville attorney Ronnie Mitchell has announced he will seek election to the Superior Court bench
for Judicial District 12C.

Mitchell, joined by friends, family, and local law enforcement officials, filed for election as a Superior Court Judge at State
Board of Elections in Raleigh. He is seeking the seat of retiring Judge E. Lynn Johnson.

"Serving as a Superior Court Judge would be not only a high honor, but the fulfillment of a life-long calling to seek justice.
Following Judge Johnson, while humbling, is a goal worthy of pursuit. If my friends and neighbors– the voters of
Cumberland County – see fit to elect me to succeed Judge Johnson upon his retirement, then this service would be the
capstone of an enduring effort to achieve justice.”

Mitchell, an honors graduate of Wake Forest University and the Wake Forest University School of Law, is a practicing
attorney, handling civil and criminal cases as an attorney with The Mitchell Law Group. He has maintained an active practice
in Cumberland County and in various state and federal courts for 31 years. Several years ago he served as an adjunct
professor of law at the Norman A. Wiggins School of Law at Campbell University while still continuing the practice of law.

"For more than three decades as an attorney, I have been committed to seeking justice for all — equally — fairly, without
hesitation, or reservation, but with the vision and passion that the pursuit of justice requires.”

As an experienced litigator who is respected as an authority in the legal community, Mitchell has received the prestigious
AV rating, the highest recognition by The Martindale Hubbell Law Directory. He has been named to the Best Lawyers in
America, Who's Who in American Law, North Carolina Super Lawyers, and he has received many other professional

Mitchell would bring decades of legal experience to the bench. He has been a successful appellate attorney, handling in
excess of 100 appeals, some on behalf of his own clients and many more at the request of other attorneys who asked for
his help in handling appeals. He has also been recognized for his work as an appellate and trial lawyer in a myriad of cases,
including personal injury, civil rights, insurance, administrative law, equitable distribution, family law, and criminal cases.
He has also served as a contributor, author or co-author of more than fifty legal publications, and he has been a lecturer
for many continuing legal education programs. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the American Association
for Justice, the North Carolina Bar Association, the North Carolina Advocates for Justice, The American Trial Lawyers
Association, and a number of other professional organizations.

Sheriff Earl “Moose” Butler, who accompanied Mitchell as Mitchell filed for Superior Court Judge, remarked, “Ronnie Mitchell
has been an advocate for so many of us over the years that we have been able to watch as he has served in the Courts,
seeking to do what is right. He has always been dedicated to serving all of the people with all of his heart and ability. I am
just grateful to see someone of his skill, intellect, integrity, and ability to be willing to leave private practice to serve as the
kind of judge that we need for the Superior Court.”

Mitchell has long been recognized for his adherence to the Constitution and his strong advocacy for the rule of law. He has
often been called the “attorneys ‘attorney,” and he has frequently served as an adviser and attorney to judges, law
enforcement and public officials .

Yet, Mitchell has continued to be an “advocate for the people” as one attorney described Mitchell. He has always tried to
help the “common everyday working man,” said one of Mitchell’s supporters. “I’ve known him since we were in school
together, and he’s never forgotten where he came from – even when he took cases to the [United States] Supreme Court.
We need Ronnie Mitchell as {Superior Court] judge.”

The primary election is set for May 4, 2010.

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Ronnie Mitchell for Superior Court Judge 12C
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